Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories

A coffee enthusiasts and artisans based in Vilnius downtown. In a small manufacture they roast coffee from around the world, create coffee inspired products and try to spread coffee culture through various educational events. You are welcome to try their freshly brewed drinks during the STRCAMP.
A day has flavour, or not.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stand expands to a lounge. We'll squeeze that lemon, pour you an icy and refreshing one and invite to drift in a swimming pool. The lounge will be serving home made lemonade (virgin and spiced), sweet munchies and precious leisure time in a horizontal position.

Mint Vinetu

Books and tea. Plenty sheets at night.
Warm in the morning.

The Great Tit

Don't get stuffed, get rejuvenated! Where asphalt meets nature, you can meet foodtruck "The Great Tit" . Street food in the wood! Bon appetit.


Yucatan has arrived directly from la Peninsula de Mexico to join & enjoy STRCAMP and be part of the freshness, authentic, flavors, spices, and intertwine with sounds, dancers and spirits that would be meeting all at one point*!*

Yurta Chai Shop

Гер Цайны Газар
chai - coffee - sweets

ZATAR Falafel & Hummus

A newly opened, first falafel bistro in Lithuania, ZATAR comes to STRCAMP to treat you with delicious vegetarian falafel and hummus meals.
We will be at the bar Campastor, all day Saturday only. So don’t dance off the chance to taste the healthy and strength-restoring falafel. Bon appetite!
(When in Vilnius, find us on 9 Vokiečių str.)