Benas Šarka

Benas Šarka is well-known for his avant-garde theatre, extreme performances, amazing sculptures and drawings. However he is a very passionate musician making his own instruments. Breathtaking ritual performance, shifting forms and sounds will awake something forgotten.


boA! is a new psychedelic kraut music project by experienced musicians from Berlin. Overflowed with female vocal, a sound of boA! brings you to the best times of the of rock music in 70's.


A musical drift that sweeps the listener into a trance. Shimmering elegance, forceful bursts of garage rock, a gentle flow, spherical flight. And one can hear it resonate beyond the horizon of this music. Searching, re-searching, yearning. You never know what comes after the unpredictable, brutal, quiet and fragile moments.

Chris Imler

Chris Imler is an Augsburg-born, Berlin-based drummer. He played drums for Peaches, Golden Showers, Puppetmastaz, Patric Catani and many others. Last year he released his first solo album called "Nervös". This year, Chris Imler will set up a drum kit at STRCAMP.

Darbo Džiaugsmai

Rhythms kick like a sewing machine, guitar melodies flow in precise locksmith mode, bass lines punch like an assembly line. Everything wrapped in bright and positive lyrics. What could be more fun than such noise coming from this song factory! Stavaris (VRR), Burakas (EOM sound architect), Rožė (cutthroats, VRR) heat some of the most beloved hits in high creative temperature, soak them in sour realism and prepare for timelessness.

Diamantes Brutos

Never play the same song twice is their principle! Diamantes Brutos is a band from Barcelona that only plays live concerts. Consisting of at least four persons, Diamantes Brutos plays a special jam with no standards, absolutely improvised music and lyrics with a darkish tone.


Ignatz is a Belgium based one-man band run by Bram Devens. He has been releasing music on different European labels since 2005. Bram Devens plays acoustic songs wrapped in effects and driven by improvisation and spontaneity. Acoustic, folk, blues, country and psychedelic rock are the genres that describe the music of Ignatz. Brams' songs have the authentic feel, so the performance takes you back to another time.


Hunllef were born in a basement in Berlin, 2014. They are Rhys Knowles (Known Ocean), Sam Bardsley (Samoln) and Grégoire Fiaux. Their debut album will be released on Valley Sound Records and sounds like the night, a cold dark night, in space, when you're lost, but with hope.

Klimperei & Mme Patate

In addition to Deleted, Los Paranos and others, Klimperei, formed in 1985 is Christophe Petchanatz's main musical project. Christophe is a long time veteran of the underground music scene in France. His music can be characterised with epithets like toy-music, minimal, neo-classical, whimsical, avant-garde and lunar. Joined by Mme Patate, a musician from Brussels, they will be presenting an audio theatre on a quiet Saturday afternoon.


Beginning their activities in 1984, La Société des Timides à la Parade des Oiseaux (The Shy Society at the Bird Parade) is probably one of the best kept musical secrets of France. Nourished by various movements of musical and poetic avant-garde, Dada and Surrealism, experimental rock, Rock in Opposition, 1970-1980 years, with an unusual musical and textual imagination, the compositions of this society take the form of a dadaist avant-rock, full of smashes and contrasts, of controlled and recurrent eruptions as well as sharp humour.

Noir Boy George

Emmanuel Satti plays a piano and writes beautiful song lyrics in a filthy and depressing way. Meet a minimal chanson project called Noir Boy George from Metz, a city in northeast of France.

Novo Line

What the music does to you depends entirely on your location, environment, solar activity, and the format by which you listen. Novoline is alternatively-tuned polyphonic, multi-rhythmic, live-mixed, live-generated, parameter-based, unrendered, unsequenced, spontaneous electronic music using a software program on a 720kb floppy written in 1988 running on two Atari ST PCs using only era consistent hardware FM synthesis via MIDI. This project reflects research in the fringe fields of electrical theory with relation to pythagorean tuning systems and is highly enjoyable.


Jarosław Grzelak is a Łódź born Warsaw based producer, working for TR Warszawa theater as a sound engineer. In a studio or during his live acts, RNA2 focuses on gear based music only, and uses 100% hardware set up to avoid computer programming. He prefers playing a free acid techno fun in the sunshine and swimming in the lake afterwards.

Thugs n gothz

Pavel and his drummer forms a band called Thugs and Gothz that is representing neo-psychedelia and garage rock music genres.

Tarántulas Pentium

Tarántulas Pentium from Valencia welcomes you to his own universe, where music and video are used for spirutal catharsis, both individual and collective. This project explores a ritual and holy dimension of sound and its perception through repetition, loops and reiteration. He invites listeners into a dark and sick reflection of our social context. Misty soundtracks and psychedelic synth melodies make you dream with eyes wide open.

Two Monkeys

Two Monkeys are two brothers based in Brescia, north Italy. Mixing both analog and digital sounds, they use guitars, drum machines, keyboards, synthesizers, wind instruments, tape recorders, voices and effects, pushing into a space between electronic, conventional and non-conventional music.


5ive is a Dj and producer who is one-half of Japanese electronic music band called COS/MES.


Also known as ‘Azīz Qassas (عزيز قصص), Audi was sent down to unleash magmatic and all-encompassing flows of Gog and Magog. To reveal unseen vicarious causation, division of time, depth of the non-metric. Explore the limits of appearance and thresholds of revelation. To grasp hidden knowledge of algorithmic verses, to unfold unexplored paths between lands of the virtual and the actual, to unlock eschatological & synthetic prophecies of the club culture: is his amr (أمر).

Buster friendly

“Buster friendly” is an audio archive inspired by a fictional TV/radio celebrity from Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”. Utilising bits of sounds and text, buster friendly’s recordings function as sonic backgrounds of internet landscapes, exported in various formats: digital mixtapes, live performances, radio broadcasts, data discs, magnetic tapes. Recently buster friendly also acquired an activist tone.


CHIDA, party starter and passionate force behind record label Ene, is one of the great facilitators of the underground Tokyo scene. While most Japanese imprints have a very domestic concentration, Chida is more interested in bridging the gap between his country and the Western world, issuing a carefully selected combo of artists and remix producers from both sides – The Backwoods, Cos/Mes, Tiago and Lord of the Isles, Ess O Ess, Beppe Loda & Mushrooms Project to name a few. For a DIY vinyl only label, it has generated international recognition as a trademark of quality.


Sound artist exploring how ‘cognition grasps a real that is not of its own making, affirming that cognition capacities may be reshaped as a function of the real'. Employing techniques of algorithmic sound synthesis, musique concrete methods revised for twenty-first century and others. Hopefully placing a listener in a situation where she is an active synthesizer too, making new sense of the world and the great inhuman networks.


Ilius' experience in music journalism may be why he is able to uniquely connect musical moods and relations. The music he plays as a dj will balance moody synth soundscapes, distorted elegance, and intense pop-hypnosis. Be prepared to wander among silky monolith sonics and cold harmonies.

Kym Wild

The young man stepped into the hall of mirrors
Where he discovered a reflection of himself
Sometimes he saw his real face
And sometimes a stranger at his place
He fell in love with the image of himself
And suddenly the picture was distorted
He made up the person he wanted to be
And changed into a new personality
The artist is living in the mirror
With the echoes of himself.

No expectations, no prejudges.


After exchanging Madrid to the inspiring Berlin for living, Ondula submerged into the rivers of experimental electronics. She will always start a dialogue with those, who listen, who seek and with those who swim along.

Oscar der Winzige

Oscar Olias is founder of Sucked Orange, a gallery in Berlin, based on rituals and lucid dreams.
Son of a collector of avant-gardedementia artifacts, forgotten universes and hidden histories, "Der Winzige" continues his fathers work in the most private way possible; through re-realising this music with a select audience, keen to discovery new musical territory, hungry to push new boundaries and explore their own limits of fantasy. The experience is not solely musical. This is just one key in gaining a deeper understanding of a world, enriched by friendship, the collective experience and self-discovery.
Within cement caves in the early hours of the Berlin morning, the audience is invited to immerse themselves, to dive, as if under the influence of a slow-acting psychotropic poison, into abstraction, guided by sound into unknown atmospheres.


Kaunas’s techno scene long-timer POL carefully selects the opportunities to showcase his masterful variations of sound. Raw, eclectic but perfectly built musical twists take the listener through a beautifully distorted world of electronic explorations.


In his DJ sets and mixes S13 weaves this diverse palette into a coherent whole, constructing thought-provoking sound narratives with unexpected stylistic twists, radical mood swings, and powerful, sometimes even surreal atmospherics. Strict rhythmic patterns might suddenly give way to abstract drone voyages or disengaged improvisations, dismantling traditional musical structures. Due to this his selections can be perceived as an exercise in eclecticism and a challenge to the musical status quo.

* * * *

Site-specific installation by four artists: Andrius Labašauskas, Rytis Urbanskas, Kęstutis Montvydas & Simona Kačinskaitė.

Brian D. McKenna

For the past 10 years, Brian D. McKenna has been engaged in the construction of analogue video synthesizers for experimental research and performance. His installations and performances, both collaborative and solo, have been seen in and around Europe and North America. Most central to his work are notions of audio-visual resonance and synchronicity, as well as the inherent abstract aesthetics of video broadcast technology.

Donatas Jankauskas Duonis

Site-specific installations.

Jonas Valonis

Book Wall.

Laura Marija

Marija Repšytė

Cocktails from EYES OF A BLUE DOG.
Cocktails will be dedicated to the bands or participating artists in the festival. The flavor, the smell, the combination of colors will arrive to the glass from experiencing the music of the band or the gesture of visual artist. Liquids in the glass forms will mix with blackberries in honey. The cocktail - Gin, Cointreau and Yves Klein’s blue - was served in Yves Klein’s exhibition Le Vide (The Void), in 1958, Paris. This cocktail will appear again in the new context within the green trees of Deimantas camp area. Cocktails will be mixed, served and sold by Marija Repšytė in one of the bars. Glass. Ice cubes. Layers of taste. Black Straw and pink, yellow, blue circulations of the liquid.


Public Domain City

The living archive of the most awkward, unseen, weird and wonderful illustrations that derive from rare books and prints. Search the curated selection of historical wonders and revitalise them in new designs, arts and crafts. For designers and makers curator Silvija will reveal the best hidden internet secrets.

Viržbickas & Rojūtė

Žilvinas Landzbergas