All begins with dawn. YTRO - the post-punkers from Rostov-on-Don invite curious lovers of what is pure to have a walk in their sound garden. They‘ll offer you melody and melancholia for company. Profound, but rebellious, the band makes meadows undulate with their pale guitars. All will begin with dawn.
Jozef van Wissem
Soft, softer, softest. Imagine sounds lighter than dreams and melodies as clear as tears. Josef van Wissem is a tale in which you‘ll also take part. Silent, more silent, most silent.
El Último Vecino
Nowadays bands that make a sudden impact and comfort the listener with a proper reaction are a true rarity. One of this sort is Gerard Alegre‘s project EL ÚLTIMO VECINO – translated as ‘The Last Neighbour‘ – who not soon after entering the musical world released an addictive album full of good taste and immediate hits. This is the band that everyone is talking about right now. In STRCAMP they‘ll present their new eponymous LP.
The diverse DATASHOCK from Saarlouis are true experts of collective hypnosis since 2003. The ladies and gentlemen from this outfit takes it’s listener through mottled labyrinths of the unconscious, just like Pink Floyd, Amon Düül and Harmonia with it’s psychedelic/kraut therapy a few decades ago. DATASHOCK is warmth and a treat, STRCAMP is warmth and a treat.
Neugeborene Nachtmusik
The beginning is an ending is a beginning. NEUGEBORENE NACHTMUSIK emerged in 2011 after the sunset of the Dutch synth-wave duo MILIGRAM RETREAT. At the moment NEUGEBORENE NACHTMUSIK are producing and album in Berlin which is to be released on the Enfant Terrible label. This ‘nightly new-borne’ will suck you in with their vamp post-electro music made up of carefully built sound sculptures and ritual industrial compositions filled with naïve synth-punk sounds.
The Coombe
Imagine a blend of cold waves and flaring senses. Delicate and gracious, The Coombe are Karen Sharkey and Samuel De La Rosa. Caretaker and fragile, yet pulsing with gloss. This duo will take you to a trip on a narrow desert path of synths and moony guitars.
La Chatte
The musical beast that is LA CHATTE emerged about ten years ago in Paris when artists Vava Dudu, Stéphane Argillet and Nikolu joined their artistic abbilities. When describing their sound the band use both common tags like post-punk/dark-electro/distorted etc. and unusual associations such as ‘chocolate-flavoured’. Their cold by nature music is often set in contrast with extremely expressive and visual live performances.
Sam de la Rosa dj
The capital of Texas – Austin City, is inhabited by no more than 1 000 000 souls. Among them is Dj SAM DE LA ROSA alias Samuel Kklovenhoof who is also known as part of the bands Led Er Est and The Coombie. It‘s almost impossible to describe the kind of music that Sam puts on when he deejays, just as it‘s impossible to name all his pseudonyms in one breath. All we can promise, is that Sam will reward you with a strong set of lo-fi frequencies, hollow minoric vocals and dance rhythms.
Who‘s hiding behind QUILTLAND‘s pseudonym? None other than Frida Li Lövgren from Sweden. Frida writes soundtracks for dreams – warm, viscous, calm and full of nostalgia. This Spring London based Astro Dynamics are releasing the artist‘s album and on Midsummer Frida‘s synthesizers will warm each visitor in STRCAMP.
The Blank VRS
To describe the indescribable and to re-tell a story that hasn‘t been told yet. Swedish born Kalle Fagerberg aka THE BLANK VRS is a treasury for secrets that can be found in old german lullabies or moments such as when looking at a swarm of pigeons. Unclean experiments turn into stories of fuss and involve each in their mesmerising twirl.
Noctiluca | Las Barbas Indómitas & Miguel Puertas
A mixture of live music and alive cinema. The experimental duo NOCTILUCA from Spain consists of video artist Miguel Puertas and electronic composer Las Barbas Indomitas. The project‘s performances are said to raise waves of colours and sounds and sending listeners and viewers to a hypnotic land of poetry.
Flamingo Creatures
Ruth-Maria Adam & Ronnie Oliveras are arriving STRCAMP as FLAMINGO CREATURES. The duo invites their listeners to take a flew over drained rivers of sounds. Next comes a dive into lakes of warm melodies. Flamingos tell their ever-ending stories with electronic devices, bells, violins and a good amount of feathery percussion.
dj Overdose
DJ OVERDOSE aka MODEL MAN is known to stand by the decks since ’87. Not long after he started doing so he got hold of the sampler EMU SP12 and started creating his own music. Nowadays he’s a part and a vivid enthusiast of the electronic Dutch school. DJ Overdose creates shows for Intergalactic FM and travels the world along with other Dutch artists. Music for the body – holidays for the soul.
Sound collages, a true-love relationship with cassettes and dark stories. FOQL comes from Łódź where she spends most of his time digging through an enormous sound archive and building her own visions. On STRCAMP FOQL comes with his extreme music project HYPATIA. This summer will mark the release of HYPATIA‘S cassette in collaboration with the tattoo artist Izabela Dawid Wolf.
Known Ocean
Pale vocals, coughing synthesizers, murmur melodies and broken rhythms. This is KNOWN OCEAN. An air that invites its listeners to dance and sway, close their eyes and hum hum hum...
Sam Bardsley aka SAMOLN was born in Wales and now resides in Berlin. He likes telling his synth stories reaaaally slow. Slow yet assured, SAMLON’s sounds would fit best as décor for dreams. And that’s how they’re gonna be used in this year’s STRCAMP.
Loud and proud. Mordant without competition, we present you McKaras – probably the darkest tone in this years STRCAMP. Also the most powerful sound gust, too. An artist prepares a special performance for the event.
Monotone and loud, plain and with all sentiments aside – these are CUTTHROATS. The trio will embrace listeners into their upbeat guitar rituals. No happy endings in this story.
Steve Marciano & Nat Pocha
And yet another duo of Spanish-borne Berliners exchanged Southern warmth to cool Berlin streets – Steve Marciano and Nat Pocha. The project draw experimental sounds from avant-garde wells. Soothe your thirst.
Agency Amore | Spacelex & Andrea Noce
AGENCY AMORE are italo-disco inspired waves. This music is made to comfort for the ears in a fill up dance floors. The duo is made up of vocalist Andrea Noce and Dj spAceLex and his sublime record collection.
Dunkeltier dj
DJ DUNKELTIER has been approaching the origins of electronics for 15 years now. This is done his own way – through pathways of archaic German-wave echoes and distorted German-disco rhythms. His set will turn STRCAMP’s dance floor into a big black magnet.
June dj
What if June would take place on the month of July? What if nature would be artificial? Greece borne Berlin resident DJ June will deliver a badass synthesis of industrial sounds, acid house and Detroit techno.
De Dupe dj
Otto Kraanen, aka DE DUPE is a vintage music collector from Delft. He’s also Chief of the label Bordello a Parigi which had Lithuanian outcome this year too – Otto released the EP Nebelipk by Verslo Rizikos Rezervas. When DE DUPE plays the air is full of analogue warmth, naïve melancholia and wicked energy.
Intergalactic Gary dj
New Zealand borne Intergalactic Gary landed behind the decks around 1980, yet he’s still full of stellar vibes. Gary’s always an expected figure around all sorts of European clubs, like a rare pulsar.
Analoginis Polivoksas dj
Analoginis Polivoksas will take you to a parallel world of the 80s, with kingdoms of analogue synthesizers, visiteurs from the future and stolen melo-phones. Now the future will never be the same.
Oscar der Winzige dj
Oscar is a collector of odd artefacts from Berlin. He’s a fan of Japanese mutant-wave and obscure music in general, a sonic collage of new-found analogue electronica from the past and an aficionado of cosmic art. All of those influences make Oscar’s sets a one-way=win lottery game.
Shn dj
SHN creates maximum swing with minimal beats, clean tech rhythms and crispy melodies. This will be the only time when your red shoes are going to serve in the nature!
Ondula dj
Laura Aragoneses Ángeles yra ONDULA. Mergina iškeitųsi gimtajį Madridą į ją įkvepiantį Berlyną. ONDULA plaukioja eksperimentinės elektronikos upėmis ir savo garsų kalba stengiasi užmegzti dialogą. Su tais, kurie klauso. Su tais, kurie ieško. Su tais, kurie nori plaukti kartu.
Tom Jef dj
Tom Jef always craves for 12 inch pleasures. He looks for them so he can share them with the world through his blog or on the dance floor. The deal is the following: no limits but tight rhythms. No familiar feeling, but still a warm caress. From London, with love!
Kowa Zoo dj
Kowa Zoo is a trip through quirky post-punk, new wave and electronic sounds from Finland. Don’t be alarmed if you get lost, getting lost in this territory means pure pleasure.
Mario Moretti dj
Mission italo-disco! Mario Moretti will decorate your dance experience with bouqets of synthetic sounds. Indeed, very beautiful bouqets.
Ryklys dj
Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings These are a few of my favorite things
Manfredas dj
Manfredas is a famous cowboy known for various big parties in town, such as his most recent series of events called Smala (The Pitch). Also, he has recently been released on the label Les Disques De La Mort. Expect tramples and bullets, but also summertime love - moving and thrilling, warm and cool.
Roland Baader dj
Roland Baader is a music chef who‘s gathered his following with the help of the gourmet happenings Disco Dilettante. With this guy‘s sets dancefloors get sticky from sweat! Welcome mister Bad Better Baader and his kitchen of eclectic rhythms.


Mesmeric fires
From a mechanical minimalism up to abstract liquid landscapes, Miguel Puertas's super8 movies that are created directly on celluloid and led with live soundtrack by the author, are performed in a expanded cinema basis. Super 8 color explosions to exceed the senses in a pure analogical and aesthetic experience.
XIX Photo Lab
Skicas‘s analogue photography will charm with XIX century illuminated negatives. In the darkest room around the fest they‘ll come to life with the help of sodium sulfit, hydrochinon, red blood salt, potassium bromide, sodium tiosulphate, sodium carbonate and the incomparable vitriol. A lot to see and a lot to show.
Organ Orchestra - Concerto in D Minor
Energies of two different worlds collide in this group’s performance. This time this traveling mountain will reside in Lithuanian forests. Shamanic beats, hypnotic sounds and vernal lightning.
This kind of started in Amsterdam. My friend had a hangover and we were in his kitchen singing Beyoncé’s ‘drunk in love’. I was not in love, neither was he. But I was sexy when my hair was on my face and I was singing the song. He proposed that I should make something out of the song but my connection to Beyoncé is non-existent. I realised that she does not inspire me. Self-titled is a solo work by Finnish dancer/performer who thinks that it’s a good idea to make a solo work inspired by something that you are not really inspired by.
CC Spirit
...Where dance moves turn into magic. Complex rituals, chameleonic fountains and forest myths all mix up on diamond floors.
Pan na fydd llygaid paklaikusiom o hapusrwydd byddwch yn gweld yn gallu gwrthsefyll. Burge, salad, math o selsig ffrio Lithwaneg, cwrw, cerddoriaeth a.
Red Room Laura
Red Room Laura is an intimate dance confession. Expect it to be given around dark in a room full of red mist.