In the camp

If you've ever surfed through rock country, if you've already jumped into new waves - STRCAMP is the place to be. Welcome and stay until it's totally too late.

Croocked Nose & Coffee Stories

CROOKED NOSE & COFFEE STORIES are coffee enthusiasts and artisans that own a manufacture in the centre of Vilnius. Here they offer freshly roasted coffee. CROOKED NOSE & COFFEE STORIES are also known for all kinds of coffee related educational and recreational gatherings. During STRCamp visitors will be invited for a cup of quality coffee – the day either has flavour, or not.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stand expands to a lounge. We'll squeeze that lemon, pour you an icy and refreshing one and invite to drift in a swimming pool. The lounge will be serving home made lemonade (virgin and spiced), sweet munchies and precious leisure time in a horizontal position.

Mint Vinetu

Just like last year – the first second hand book store in Vilnius will pay a visit to STRCamp. Leisure books, refreshing ice-tea and everything else you forgot to take with you.

The Great Tit

Don't get stuffed, get rejuvenated! Where asphalt meets nature, you can meet foodtruck "The Great Tit" . Street food ind the wood! Bon appetit.

Bar Marsas

We are Marsas bar. We've got everything in our trunk. We dance and make love to the music. So we go to the events dedicated to music. Especially, when they are organised by friends. And this time we are bringing all our shit together.

Meat Lovers

Burgers, salads and beer – MEAT LOVERS PUB will work day and night to soothe your hunger.


Tom, make a team and go for a treasure finding adventure in the territory of a campsite. Find out more here: TREASURE


At Jurta everything is simple: tchai, tea and coffee. Try their sweets and vegetarian soups. A true taste of simplicity and non-comformism.

Atlantic Bagel

From Saturday night to Sunday morning, a bagel!


Rest your ears and stretch your eyes in these video chambers. Real smell of erotic under..water. Look for old swimming pool, and continue your trip by browsing a strange range of video tapes. Nostalgic / experimental / porno.