Lebanon Hanover
Lebanon Hanover are Larissa Iceglass (born July 24, 1988) and William Maybelline (born March 15, 1986) The duo rose in Williams bedroom in Sunderland, UK in July 2010. Both members with a strong longing for nostalgia and severe fears of the inevitable decaying future decided to disapprove with the high-pitched overproduced music culture of the 21st century. The dark razor wire guitars and reverberating icy vocals may sometimes sound as if they were formed in some british cave in 1982. Eventually in spring 2011 Lebanon Hanover moved back to Larissa's previous place in Berlin but soon they were irritated by too many humans and flew back into a small house at the seaside of North-East England and in strict isolation the writing of the second record 'Why not just be solo' began. Since December 2012 the band settled in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany and are recording a third album.
Peter is a very sensitive operation. What is he sensitive to? He is sensitive to both external and internal relationships. This is what he plays. He can be three or four. Peter performs many miracles in the Acts, from making dogs talk, to the resurrection of both people and smoked fish. Some versions give accounts of stories on the theme of a woman/women who prefer paralysis to sex; sometimes, the woman is the daughter of Peter. Peter was an adolescent, now he has come of age. Peter is able to capture the mood.
Andrew Hogge, known as Lovefingers, needs no introduction amongst the disco elite. His internationally acclaimed mix of 999 songs at has had a undeniable impact on the burgeoning eclectic dance scene of today. A Los Angeles native, Andrew hosted Blackdisco Social Club since 2001 before heading off to New York City where he now resides. Spawned from the Blackdisco soundsystem was the Blackdisco imprint, a well known re-edit series found in the bags of top jocks like Harvey, Prins Thomas, James Murphy and Todd Terje. Over the past years, Lovefingers has been summoned for events at the Whitney Biennial, MoMA, various Fashion Week events worldwide, repeated summers at P.S.1’s Warm-Up as well as countless club dates throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Jaakko is a singer-songwriter from Finland whose projects span a wide range of musical genres. Jaakko’s music carries a special emotion, no matter whether it’s new-wave, disco, dub or jazz music. The artist has already played a few times in Vilnius with different projects of his. Jaakko promised a special performance for STRCAMP. What is it going to be about? So far we’ll keep it secret…
Charles Bals
It's simply all about the love for obscure 70's vinyl here. Charles Bals been collecting vinyl for about 25 years and started specializing on Disco 15 years ago, then focusing on outsider disco and border material about 5 years ago. He has a weakness for the odd, the terrible, the unexpected and twisted dancefloor from the 1970s. I love to group the music around themes such as Space, the more psyched Beachfreaks material and the fisty Spaghetti Dancefloor.
Dva Zagorodnyh Doma
Both members of the band – Sashash Ulz and Kot Kot – state that Dva Zagorodnyh Doma are two people playing together and appart at the same time. The duo lives in Karelia, city of Petrozavodsk. Besides plenty of different activities the band loves doing, one of their favorite is recording music and sometimes playing live. Even though it‘s difficult for the bandmembers themselves to describe the genre they play, Zully Adler from Goaty Tapes DZD marked them as “lo-fi pop atmospherics”. The duo agrees that this is probably the right description for what they do.
Peine Perdue
Also member of the art group France Fiction, Berlin based artist and musician Stephane Argillet (aka Stereovoid ) has developed several music projects since the last ten years, the most noteworthy of them being the electro punk trio "La Chatte" together with singer Vava Dudu and guitarist Nicolas Jorio. Peine Perdue started in 2011 together with Coco Gallo who writes and sings her own texts in french. The project started with a single "Programmation" that was made for a compilation edited at the occasion of Vava Dudu's solo exhibition at 12Mail gallery in Paris in 2011. A few month later they shot their first video on on second single, "Amour Paresse", that draw the attention of the minimal wave scene. Since then Peine Perdue has developed a delicate, stylish and melancholic aesthetic in the great tradition of french synthpop duets (Deux, Elli & Jacno, Martin Dupont, Polyphonic Size, Bal Paré etc…). At the invitation of Black Özlem, Peine Perdue played their first concert together with Lebanon Hanover at the Mecanique Ondulatoire in Paris in April 2012. They were since invited to perform in Rome, Brussels or Berlin. They are now working on of their first album to be released on Uni+Form label (Berlin).
MODUS is an ascetic image, alegoric lyrics and diverse eletronic/industrial music from atmospheric darkenings to straighter mechanic beats. At first glance it seems that with their words and music they come too close, the distance between the band and the listener disappears. Though who said that it has not to be so? It is just another sort of music. Everyday phrases get another meaning, and sometimes music also can be interpretated in an alegoric way. Is it a coincidence that the first song on the tape is titled "Live!" and the last one "Morning of Death"? MODUS don't make conclusions, they just do a search in life with their image, with their songs, with their poetry. They still don't earn any money from such music, simply it became their modus vivendi (way of life).
Los Turbos
In the middle of one cold winter Los Turbos were born. All three members were previously part of different bands and projects (Lagamino Turinys, Mekas Duo, Ministry of Echology, AVaspo etc.) until they decided to unite their abilities and create an unusual mix of rock’n’roll surf sound with a Californian vibe. No surprise it took just a couple of concerts around Vilnius for interested glances and excited talks to spread. One guitar, one drum set and one synthesizer – ladies and gentlemen – we present you Los Turbos.
Shotgun Club
Shotgun Club today is our field of popular song Lucifer. The band paint the seats and stem bars shades gracefully. Shotgun Club brings summer to Finland and abroad Finlandia. The portents are not all good here.
Intergalactic Gary
New-Zealand born Intergalactic Gary started mixing in 1980 inspired by the italo-disco scene in The Hague. His professional DJ career started in 1990 with squat and club parties in The Hague. Ever since 1994 weekly guest DJ for regional pirate radio stations together with I-f and crew (Trend FM, Radical Radio) and since 1999 till now IG is active as a DJ in the European club circuit (Panorama Bar Berlin, Barcelona, Paard Den Haag , Melkweg Amsterdam, Moscow, Dublin, Glasgow, Madrid, Geneva, Munich etc.). Gary’s first record was produced in 1994 under the name Silverstream for Top Secret records (TS-004) and later on Gary and his colleague Inter-Ferrence founded “The Parallax Corporation” and produced the club hit 'Lift Off (Viewlexx V12/5) followed up by the Cocadisco series (Viewlexx V12/10, V12/11, V12/12 & V12/16) among others.
Mario Moretti
Moretti was a talented youngster when he went to music school learning to play synths. His teacher introduced him the Juno-106, DX7 etc. and several soviet bastards like the Venta, Elektronika and so on. When he was left alone in the class he would rather twist knobs and move sliders making weird sounds and learning at the same time instead of playing boring academic stuff. From 2004 he started making music again with all the knowledge he picked up through the years. With italo disco as a big influence and the CBS The Hague scene as a big inspiration.
Melting Hearts
is a band which does not exist. For brief glimpses in time the enigmatic singer Samuel Meri appears fronting this fantasy group. He goes wild. He wants to go loud. He wants you to watch. He wants to watch. He wants you. He wants to feel the beat. He wants to observe the movements in space.
De Dupe
De Dupe is the moniker of Otto Kraanen, representing Delft, The Netherlands to the fullest. Vinyl addict, head honcho of the Bordello A Parigi imperium and proud father of parties such as Club Clochard and his latest baby Oak Park. De Dupe takes you on a musical journey which is heavy influenced by the dance music of the 80’s and it’s party scene. Hard hittin’ and hartbreaking; a melancholic rapture which wraps your troubles in dreams.
DORCELSIUS is an abstract electronic collaboration between 2 visual/audio artists. They create their own sound which are sparkling arpeggios and acid blips. Some crazy as fuck sound collages inspired by porn. You would have to be completely off your head on some of the most insane Columbian Devil’s Breath to begin to comprehend the meaning of this music. The result is a tranced-out electro psychedelic sound. Experimental but catchy enough to move to this rhythm on the dance floor. The duo have ready toured in Australia, USA, China and the most of Europe. Let go of your worries and step into the psychedelic world of groovy waves and old school electro sounds which bring you in a cheerful trance like a warm blanket.
Marburg is project connected with Poland-based artistic group – Ebola Collective. It was founded by RNA-1 and Queen Loana. The main goal of this project is live activity and neverending sound experiments. They have a strong DIY ethic and mentality all mixed with a real artistic activism. Key words of their music are: post punk, sound synthesis, minimalism & postmodern dadaismus.
Justinas Mikulskis (born in 1986) is a forward thinking electronic music producer, DJ, journalist and multimedia artist, based in Panevėžys, Lithuania. Justinas has developed a wide palette of magnetic sound under the name of Secret Thirteen (also known as S13 and Secret 13). Having started from more deep and experimental drum'n'bass, he proceeded with more drone/experimental/industrial influenced music. The shift was also highly reflected in his heavily atmospheric DJ sets and live performances, having taken place in various open air festivals and indoor events. At the moment Justinas accumulates his creativity and diverse artistic influences by managing - online music and art journal.
Verslo Rizikos Rezervas
Even though the only commonly known avant-pop/pseudo-world/cultural-rave outcome from Lithuania exists for more than 15 years, which is, for a Lithuanian band - A LOT, it seems this machine will never stop from moving forward, to the contrary - the legendary avant-project spins in it’s own unstoppable wheel of fortune and change. Inspired by the likes of The Fall and what is commonly known as the ‘Manchester’s live-rave scene’, V.R.R.’s main and only-permanent member Stavaris takes his time to travel to infinity and back in search of fellow companions, which, to be mostly frank, are very few. Later travels around the infinite have brought up a new exciting friendship with Ms. Muk, a local V.R.R. and music devotee. From then on – fear and love, excitement and hate have been unquestionable parts of the duos performance. The union of the small but powerful Korg groove-box and a glamorously punk bass makes you feel as if you were caressed by airy knifes, if you know what I mean. Later reports have shown that Mr. Gintas Rožė, a known figure in the indie scene, has also joined the band.
Long-sam is an artist and a music producer from Helsinki, Finland. He is a long-time collaborator with Jaakko Eino Kalevi and a member of the supergroup Yön Syke. Long-sam's solo shows are built with minimal distorted beats, floating synths and deep vocal melodies. Besides the performances, there's a lot of new recorded material coming out in 2013. Dance and be touched.
Oscar der Winzige
Oscar der Winzige is an artefacts collector, director of the refuge Sucked Orange Galerie (Berlin). A selection of Ideas floating around in the deepest recesses of the musical subculture. During the last months he worked in analog electronics sessions where he used forgotten tapes from Holland, Belgium, France, Germany... Space art, VOD rec, 80's mutant electronic from Japan and Cultural Amnesia. miss or hit? Their elements keep appearing insistently out of their usual context: dancing patterns which do not belong to the newest ones.
MaxxxBass is Stockholm based record collector, producer and dj. Most of his works and mixtapes talk about about sensitive sadness, horror and darkness. Max has recently started his new project called "artist UNTITLED". It has been started with a release of a great mixtape: a soundtrack for Lamberto Brava's film "The Ogre". You should ask Max for a personal copy when he finishes his ghetto bass set on a dj stage.
Kieran Young
Apocalypse banjo music for the end of the old world and the start of new life.
Huntin Seteli
Huntin Seteli likes various dance musics that share a certain echo.
Flesh Flash
Flesh Flash duo (Dominykas Daunys and Gediminas Jakubka) started in 2010 june. The sound of Flesh Flash has seen considerable transformations and is presently manifested through eclectic electronic and rock music. The duo creates cinematographic atmosphere stretching from grey monoliths to the secret conspiracies. This is the landshaft of unexpected soundscapes and intense rhythmical structures which creates perfect space for listener's inner beast.