In the camp

If you've ever surfed through rock country, if you've already jumped into new waves - STRCAMP is the place to be. Welcome and stay until it's totally too late.

Landing Strip

"Landing Strip" is a bar conceived by L-V-L, set in Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong, before its demolition in 1994. It is the product of further investigation into the Walled City's dense improvised structure, consisting of sound, light, drink, food and various paraphernalia. It has previously been exhibited three times, twice in London and once in Stroud, U.K. Waiting for a next one!


GARDEN stage will require active listening from anyone, who is into cinematographic soundscapes and intensive electronics. Here, on Saturday evening, label Agharta presents a program which will be dedicated to Lithuanian experimental sounds. From legendary SALA, which is around for more than 20 years, to intriguing lo-fi experimental project BRUZGYNAI; from ambient VIHR to deep precise drones of LYS and urban psycho-folk from GANA2. The well known DJ - S13 will select the most obscure records to make this evening a real sonic adventure.

Windows to Nature

Swaying waves touched gently her legs, like calling to plunge to waters. - Come! - said the man, standing next to her. They mended their scubas, put on the masks, and dived.
Special film program on nature.

Croocked Nose & Coffee Stories

Fresh coffee by local artisans Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories who use only selected beans from around the World. They roast, blend and tell coffee stories in their small manufacture located in Vilnius downtown. A day has flavour, or not.

Mint Vinetu

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Bar Marsas

We are Marsas bar. We love burgers. So we cook them. Because we kinda know how. We love booze as well. And we've got loads of it in the trunk. We dance and make love to the music. So we go to the events dedicated to music. Especially, when they are organized by friends. And this time we are bringing all our shit together.

Moose noose

With eyes full of madness a wolf is grinning from happiness! Why? Because a moose is a noose! It will be enough food for everyone: for an exhausted night sneakers and for yowling wolves during a rut. An old hunter's hut "Moosse Noose" or "Elk loop" - will fed and give you to drink till satisfied, will tell a story before goodnight!

Angis Tattoo

Do you like nostalgic memories? You will be able to bring back a small souvenir on your shoulder, thigh, or foot from the camp. A "Angis Tattoo" studio will be engraving your skin during a daytime.

Juicy Bus

Trolley boating around on wheels only can be found on the camp-floor. Fun in a bun freshly delivered to your tent and served with a drink to save your eyes.

Lemonade Stand

Two girls, one kit. They'll whisper you a gentle "good morning", pour you a cold and refreshing one and lead you to dance the day away. Lemonade Stand will operate on Saturday and will be serving fresh home-made lemonade (spiced and virgin) for thirsty souls. Come in thirst, leave in love!


I herd demons out of hair. Come and get a nice new haircut or a hairdo.
If we know each other already - that's me, Juozas.