General rules

We hope that this event will gather a lot of ingenious and smart people who know how to behave and won’t bother themselves nor anyone else. We suggest reading and keeping the following rules:
- Take care of your children and younger companions – unaccompanied persons under the age of 21 won’t be accepted to the festival;
- Do not enter the stage, do not touch the sound or light gear, cables or energy generators;
- Do not walk around private territories close to the camp – everything you’ll need you’ll find here;
- Do not enter to rooms that do not belong to you without the room owner’s permission;
- Wear the festival’s wristlet while in the territory of the festival. This will be given near the entrance to the festival;
- Do not cause a fire;
- Do not park your vehicles on the road or the roadside which leads to the camp. Please park your vehicles only on precise spots or spots where it wouldn’t bother the rest of the visitors. The owners of the vehicles should take full responsibility for their transport;
- Do not bring any sort of glass containers into the territory of the festival. When found by security guards any of it will be confiscated without any further notice;
- Do not start fire In places where it does not belong;
- Keep order in the toilets;
- Be careful and responsible when bathing in water;
- Take care and full responsibility for your pets;
- Take full responsibility for your behaviour throughout the entirety of the festival.
Persons disobeying given rules can be asked to leave the festival by the organizers without any further notice.

Car Parking

Close to the camp entrance there will be a 150 car parking places available. To avoid traffic, we kindly ask drivers to take as much as possible of friends with you. Please, park your car in a parking place and leave it standing until the end of the event or until you leave permanently. Organizers wont be responsible for car security. In case a whole parking zone will be full, you will be able to park your car in another resort close to the camp (whole weekend price 20 Lt/car). Car parking places in paid parking zone are limited too.

Food and Water

Hot food will be available in a camp throughout the weekend. Food places will be offering vegetarian dishes as well. Please do not forget to bring drinking water with you.

Alcohol drinks

You are able to bring a moderate amount (our opinion) of alcohol in non-glass bottle for your personal use. You won't be allowed to bring glass bottles to event's territory.


Trash can's will be available in the camp territory. Please, protect the nature and keep a camp clean! If you see a trash can is full, go to the other one to throw out trash.


Camp area will be marked. Please try to stay inside of a camp during the event. A territory of a camp will be watched by security guards.